Welcome to the Gay Men's Medicine Circle


We are based in West Hollywood, California, and are dedicated to the well-being of gay men and the welfare of the gay community throughout Southern California.

The Medicine Circle sees gay people as a tribe and the Los Angeles gay community as our village. We encourage and support gay-centered spiritual growth of gay men throughout the community.

While the dominant ideology of most of the gay community's current leadership and organizations is that of "assimilation," the premise that gay people are no different from anybody else, our purpose and activities are rooted in the belief that being gay is both important and meaningful; has a significant evolutionary and social purpose; and provides us with essential inner vision that guides and shapes our behavior, our lives and our psycho-spiritual growth.

2013 is GMMC's 14lth year. The members of the Circle continue to plan exciting new workshops, seasonal ceremonies and public events. Check this web site often for announcements!


Upcoming Events

Spring Equinox Celebrating -March 17, 2013

Summer Solstice Celebration - June 16, 2013

Fall Equinox Celebrating -September 28, 2013

Winter Solstice Yule Night Celebration - December 22, 2013

Rainbow Vision Quest - TBA

Through The Threshold - TBA, 2013

Journing Workshops

In conjunction with the California Men's Gathering, GMMC leads workshops in the shamanic practice of journing, a conscious dream. These workshops are given in Hollywood on Friday evenings.

The upcoming dates are: January 25, February 22, and March 29.

Registration is handled at the CMG web site under Los Angeles Events

California Men's Gathering



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